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“My experience is heavy in the realm of the mystic. I do not mean any sort of new age practice, but mysticism at its core, experiences that connect one to the divine. Art allows me to express these experiences in ways I otherwise could not. These expressions are my life’s calling and something I know I must share with the world.”


Lauren Oberon’s drawing Lamassu (19x22in, mixed media on paper) was published in the Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, Spring 2016, Issue 2, Winged Things, pg 71 under the name L. Lamassu.


Lauren Oberon, the Art Medium, expresses the mystic via visual art, poetry and devotional writing. She has studied various forms of mysticism for over 15 years and has felt connected to the spirit since she was a young child. She actively studies astrology, tarot and internal alchemy, and also enjoys cooking, gardening, travel and dancing. She received her B.A. in Anthropology from Trent University after she spent a foundation year at OCAD. She was born in Toronto in 1986 and currently lives in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.


The Art Medium at her bedside altar.


The Art Medium’s natal chart.