Babalon (2015)

I am a cosmic cup of revelation,
And the things that must be said and done,
Only I am responsible.

I cannot be held, for I am beholding,
a bolt of lightening, and on the next morrow,
The rainbow of promise.

Madness sets in like a flourish,
Which way I go seems like a maze,
Like counting tree branches in a forest.

I love the way the world announces,
I love the way it waits on me, summons me,
Binds my feet with kisses.

I must stand strong, beside us all,
We must stop weeping and dig the grave,
Tossing flowers on the past, our self.

When the hour approaches, like a bomb,
We will listen and speak in turn,
As we pour a pint to everything else.

Maybe then, it will be easy to see,
You are you, and I am me, yet–
We are also Babalon.

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