Brittle Rose (2014)

I was in the forest realms such a long time ago,
feels like forever now, like everything does,
And in the glades I found a browning, drooping rose,
Its petals peeling off as if they had not ever been
A part of a magnificent flower, a veil of velvet
protecting the divine nectars that were the perfumes of God
In the old times.

This rose was once suitable for lovers, a token
of the covenant between earth and heaven!
“My love for you is as the love of angels dreams”!
Now seemed defeated by its own glory,
Descending from its pedastalled pinnacle,
and these fragments brought me to weep
For fallen fairies.

In my melancholic hour, but it could have been days,
I was drawn to halt this painful decay of Love.
Our pieces of grace within my grasp, my fingers fumbled
On the rose, her dying pride, and the grave softness
Now upon my hands, crumbling and powdering,
The most heavenly musk, a magic dust whirling over the world,
and I saw my folly.

For the sweetness of Love should not be held in time,
Or made to live forever, it should not be kept in glass,
It should not be held fast against the changes of worlds,
Most of all it should be free to fly by angel’s dreams,
For the Land grew this flower for the Sky to see,
And now, in the dust, the flowers destiny, is to kiss
the air.

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