Viewers and readers come to engage with alternate forms of perception and to reflect on metaphysical concepts that pertain to the very existence of the universe itself.

The creation of art (of visual or verbal variety) will be to examine the characteristics of the divine, the creation or the nature of the creation as divine. Expressions will focus on the truth that lies in the macrocosm and microcosm.

There will be an emphasis on encouraging those experiencing the art to feel moved to conscious reflection of the love of the universe and the action to incorporate that with their intent.

Those seeking guidance of a spiritual nature should feel free to contact Lauren Oberon.

Important influences are found in the Goddess, western occultism, astrology, medieval alchemy, John Dee, Taoism, fractals, Thelema, David Bowie, Gnostic Christianity, Catholic mysticism, illuminati*n, Frank Herbert, urban magick, dystopic science fiction, ego death, tarot and most importantly, personal dreamscapes.



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