“There is an essence, or a taste to the vibration of all things. One can pick out the hum of tremendous triumph and virtue. In other sensations, we can only see the anguish and turmoil. When we feel anything at all, it is a production of the infinite potentiality. Whatever may be felt the existence beyond our own is one of unity. It takes only an experience to realize anything, and as a culture, we have mostly not gotten to experience “God” freely.”

 from The Posthuman Mystic, an ongoing writing project

“Go to the mountains and the forest; go naked in the Summer that you may regain the old joy. Love gladly and freely under the stars. But you say your body is not beautiful? Here is a secret: the body is molded by the mind. If you have embraced fear, repression, hate — then you may find your body repulsive. But go free, love joyously and without restraint. Run naked then watch the cheeks flush, the breasts well and the supple contours develop from the flowing rhythms of life. Disease and deformity are bred in fear and hate, therefore be fearless lovers and ever beautiful.”

from Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword by Jack Parsons

An important source for my symbolism.

I rely heavily on frankincense oil, sandalwood incense, and the exercise of my five senses.

I use the Tarot of the Sephiroth deck.

Meditation never hurt anyone. I’ve been doing it since I was 7.

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